Testimonials | Katie Pugh Hypnotherapy
'I cannot say how massively you have helped my daughter overcome her anxiety. After suffering from the effects of being bullied she became so anxious that just to walk into the school and even see pupils in the school uniform caused her to breakdown and become so anxious that she couldn't physically cope any more. One lazy Sunday I googled Hypnotherapy and saw your details and decided to bring her along. I really don't think that we thought it would work but we were desperate to try anything. How wrong we were. After the initial consultation and 3 sessions she is back at school and coping with seeing the students that she had the problem with. She is so much happier in herself and handles everyday problems much better also. The change is drastic...it's amazing. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone, we cannot thank you enough. Katie is a lovely, gentle lady who puts you at ease straight away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.' Melanie 'Katie has helped me to lose 12.5 pounds