Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 and my cosplays | Karen Ang
I didn't go to last year's APCC because I got lazy. For this year, I decided to debut my Brienne of Tarth cosplan. I've been preparing for it since late last year and my costume went through different phases. I also decided to update my Missy costume to match the latest season. Initially I was thinking of doing my Emma Bloom cosplay again for the first day but decided that I wanted to explore the convention and I wouldn't be able to do so freely if I were in costume. It was a good decision because the sections I wanted to see had really long lines on Day 2 and 3. Well actually it was just the Netflix section. Day 1 The Stranger Things rooms were my festival favorite. It was composed of 2 and a half rooms. I didn't see the bikes and I forgot to take photos with the standees of the kids which is a shame. The Orange is the New Black rooms were cool too. I wanted a "legit" prisoner photo but the orange shirts they had do not come in my size. Booooo! I had a hard time looking for