In search of Korean fried chicken and beer delivery | Karen Ang
You know you're knee-deep in Korean pop culture when you crave for the food the characters eat in kdramas or manhwas. I'm in that situation now and although I have low tolerance for spicy food, I still want to try ddubokki, kimchi rice, kimchi stew and chicken and beer. The latter seems to be so popular in Korea. I don't know why though. Anyway, I was in Poblacion, Makati yesterday and I saw a chicken and beer place but I already ate lunch by then so I wasn't able to try it. I want my chicken and beer delivered, preferably by a hot Korean guy, so I did a bit of Google wizardry but I only found a few online. There must be a list somewhere but it must have been written in Korean. Let me share the few I found. Note that I'll be listing Korean chicken places with delivery. Korean Traditional Chicken (Poblacion, Makati) This was the one I saw yesterday. They have delivery and take-out. According to a review here by Justin D. Simple, no BS sauces or crazy over the top accoutrements - KTC is