I'm now a member of Burlesque PH | Karen Ang
You read that right! I can't believe I did it. All the hard work paid off! This is a milestone for me. I've been interested in burlesque for a long time. My interest got piqued again when I saw Dope Loco's Eyes Wide Shut. While watching the burlesque performances, I said to myself I need to become a part of it. So slowly I worked toward that goal. I took Burlesque 101 when Manila Burlesque (now dissolved) offered it. I worked my ass off during class activities. A few months after class, I got invited to audition but backed off at the last minute because of a depressive episode. When the call for audition was announced again, I made sure I'll join even if I were feeling depressed but thankfully I wasn't. Things have been great lately and so I went to the audition last night feeling confident until my performance before the judges. I felt awkward while performing but I faked confidence. It must have worked because I got an email from them past midnight saying that I'm now a regular