Mystic Messenger characters QR codes for Tomodachi Life | Karen Ang
I'm addicted to Mystic Messenger which is an otome game made my Cheritz. Otome games are virtual dating games made with women in mind. The men are all fictional and you get to know each of them by interacting with them. If I'm not mistaken, the otome trend started in Japan and it's quickly catching overseas. I've played a couple of other otome games but for me, Mystic Messenger is the best because the characters and plots have real depth and there are many possible outcomes. You also get to chat, phone and SMS with them. My favorite character is Jumin Han (Master!) but it's also fun to go through the routes of the other characters to know more about the story. Anyway, I haven't played the game for a while because I'm waiting for my RFA VIP package. I've already spent a lot for hourglasses, the currency used in the game, and the VIP pack will let me call all the characters as much as I want and it will give be 1000 hourglasses. I need virtual distraction from real life so I got a