My semicolon tattoo | Karen Ang
I've been wanting a semicolon tattoo ever since my aunt forwarded me a link to my Facebook account about its significance. This was just several months ago, like weeks after I got the portrait tattoo of Boris. Boris tattoo needs some refining I had it done by Oben Millares and he said he will refine it for free. I just need to pay for his transportation and some materials. My friend Andrea was impressed by the tattoo he made and wants to be inked by him. When she also read the semicolon tattoo, we made plans of having it inked by Oben and even negotiated how much, etc. I guess I was extra blessed yesterday because after weeks of struggling with my current episode, I started feeling better yesterday I think because I started taking vitamin supplements which help alleviate depression. I guess it began kicking in because I didn't feel weighed down when I woke up yesterday just in time for Kink Karnival. I had a great time there but I'd rather not make it public not out of it being kinky