Fountain pen ink for journal writing | Karen Ang
I think a lot of us who are into fountain pens are also into journaling our daily lives. Those who are into this can probably relate to my situation when the flow of thoughts and writing are coming too fast but we have to wait for our FP inks to dry before we can continue writing on the next page. Even using a Midori Traveler's Notebook which is FP-friendly, there is something like a lag time when it comes to ink. Sure, we can use a ballpoint or other writing instrument but we love fountain pens and there's nothing like journaling with a fountain pen. Initially I used J. Herbin Cafe des Iles and my Visconti Rembrandt calligraphy set (I only use the fine nib) for my journal but while writing a long entry last night, I decided I couldn't make do with how watery the ink is and how long it dries. So I immediately purchased Diamine Ox Blood and Iroshizuku Tsukushi to see if they will work better with journal writing. I also decided to change to the Remdrandt Italic nib. Well it ended up in