Vin Scully Retires After 67 Years As Broadcaster
Legendary sportscaster Vin Scully retired after calling his last Dodgers game Sunday in San Francisco. Scully has been in the Dodgers broadcast booth since 1950. Known for his accuracy and on the money descriptions, Scully also covered football, tennis, and golf away from baseball when he worked for CBS (1975-1982) and NBC (1983-1989). However, baseball was his passion. As an eight-year-old Bronx kid he saw the final score of the second game of the 1936 World Series posted in a window on his way home from school. The New York Yankees had drilled the New York Giants 18-4 on that October 2, 1936 date. Scully became a Giants fan because he lived close to the Giants' old Polo Grounds ball park. He covered the game with a passion, with accuracy. Kinda special that Scully's last broadcast came on October 2, 2016-----eighty years to the day after he was hooked on the game of baseball.