Time Will Determine Team Success In 2015 NFL Draft
The 2015 NFL Draft was completed Saturday in Chicago and now all 32 league teams will go about trying to fit the drafted players into positions to help their squads. Sports experts and so called draft gurus are quick to put forth a franchise draft grade, but the true evaluation will not be made for three or four years. Some first rounders do not live up to expectations, an some late round picks blossom and become key contributors. Locally, the New Orleans Saints used six of their nine draft picks in an attempt to shore up a leaky defense, a unit that finished second to last in statistics last season. A highly regarded tackle was chosen in the first round, and an heir apparent for aging quarterback Drew Brees was picked in the third round. A speedy running back completed the Saints draft. The team is hoping to rebound from a subpar 7-9 season.