Revenge Boomerangs and Hits Wake Forest Broadcast Analyst
While the last four weeks have been filled with football conference championship games, College Football Playoff announcements, and Heisman Trophy and other award presentations, a scandal involving a Wake Forest broadcast analyst will take center stage at the end of the season. Tommy Elrod, a former Wake Forest football player, graduate assistant, assistant coach, and school broadcast analyst for the past three years, was fired after it was discovered he had been sharing Demon Deacon game plans with opponents. Virginia Tech acknowledged that an assistant from 2014 received information from Elrod but was not sure if he shared it with others. This season a Louisville assistant coach said Elrod shared some of Wake's plays with him. Both assistants formerly coached on the same staff with Elrod. The Atlantic Coast Conference and the NCAA will continue to investigate the teams played by Wake Forest over the past three years to see how many teams gained a competitive advantage.