Trust Social Unlimited Software #Plugin Review - Drastically Improve Conversions On Any Website
hey this is Zach Anderson and my business partner Jeff Hershey. And we're really excited to bring you a brand new WordPress plugin that we just developed for our business there's one key factor to boosting conversions and calls for a local business when potential customers are on a local business's website that one factor is social proof that other customers have had a good experience with that business the social proof we are talking about is positive reviews from past customers of that particular business we've built this into one simple plugin that gives you a powerful foot-in-the-door strategy to build trust and increase conversions for a business without any additional traffic. In fact when testing this with one of our local customers we saw a hundred and twelve percent increase in conversions in the first month. I'm not going to give you some long sales pitch or all kinds of hype, we built this plugin for our own use to increase conversions for our