Storymate Luxury Edition Software Review By Luke Maguire - The Worlds First ‘Story’ Tool
Storymate Luxury Edition Software by Luke Maguire is The Worlds First 'Story' Software to create, post & send huge traffic to your sites through Instagram & Facebook Stories. This is the best to create viral Instagram stories & Facebook Stories from highly professional video designs templates, Customize Your Content, post them instantly & watch the traffic & sales come in easily. Now you can Generate & Post Viral Facebook & Instagram Stories In 5 Minutes That Simply Convert. Story Posting Is Growing 15X Faster Than News Feed Posting. Facebook & Instagram users used to only update via a status, but now stories are taking over, appearing at the TOP of your news feed on both FB and Instagram. This is what works right now & there is a huge opportunity for early adopters. On INSTAGRAM 300 million of it's total 500 million users use stories daily & 10% of fb users use stories with it growing FAST.