Pluckr PREMIUM Buyers Traffic Method by James Renouf
Pluckr PREMIUM Buyers Traffic Method - In this simple, step-by-step method, you're about to discover how to target only the most proven buyers – people who have no problem spending money on YOUR products and services. You can use this method to target people in ANY venue, building, niche, convention and much more. The Super Bowl example we just showed you is just ONE of MILLIONS of premises and niches that you could do this with. Imagine being able to PLUCK OUT all the marketers that paid thousands for tickets, travel and hotel to attend "Traffic and Conversion Summit" - and hitting them with YOUR RELEVANT MESSAGE OR PRODUCT, DURING THAT ENTIRE WEEK while they're attending the conference. These are the "FREE-SPENDERS", the people who can be the hardest to reach without you having to spend thousands of dollars to find them. We are going to prove to you that there is an EVEN BETTER market than a BUYERS MARKET!