Email Copy Analyzer Software By Ali Anjamparuthi Review
Email Copy Analyzer Software By Ali Anjamparuthi is a Must-Have tool for High Performance Email Marketing. This System will Scan through your Email Copy and Analyze it with Thousands of Email Message rules, Delivery Standards and Spam Filters, then give you the results within seconds. The Analysis Report will enable you to fix the problems instantly and Tweak the copy for the Best Performance. Now You can ensure that Legitimate email messages aren't marked as Spam and reach the inbox! This is an Easy to use Software. If you know how to Copy & Paste, you can use this software. This Adobe AIR Application which is Compatible with both windows & Mac Computers. We have provided a detailed User Manual and Video Tutorial showing how to install and use this software. It's only a matter of 2 minutes to install this Tool in your Computer. 100% Newbie Friendly!