The Darkness Last Of Our Kind Album Artwork – Interview with Baby’s father, John Bean | Justin Hawkins Rocks
The album artwork for the much anticipated new release by The Darkness, titled 'Last Of Our Kind' has been revealed. The artwork is a photo of a young baby that has been edited with great artistic flare. The cover star is Danielle - whose father took a photo of her a couple of years ago with promotional glasses emblazoned with The Darkness logo over them. Danielle's father, John Bean - a firefighter in Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA - Kindly offered to answer some questions for JustinHawkinsRocks.co.uk about how the photo came about, and his thoughts: How did you get hold of the glasses? "I got the glasses a couple of years back. I believe I saw a Facebook post that the first 100 or so customers at TD merch store would get a free pair of these glasses with a minimum purchase. I grabbed two shirts and hoped for the best. Several weeks later the package showed up and needless to say, I was quite happy. Unfortunately, one of the shirts was so tight it looked like it had been spray painted