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School Days: Contemporary Newspaper With the advancement of technology certain publications and newspapers have gone the way of the dinosaurs. So as a response the instructor had us redesign a contemporary newspaper. The design brief listed a number of requirements for this project, such as: 10.5 x 14, Poster-ish Cover, 8 pages or More, Grids Systems, Exploration of different columns (1,2,3,4, or 5 columns), Story Separators, Gutter Width, Masthead design, Heirarchy of type, Appropriate body copy, Paragraph Indicators, Different type weights for emphasis. Consistency with: Major headline treatment, Minor story headline treatment, Subheads, Captions, Pull-quotes or call-outs, Folios. Basically, everything one would normally see or find in a publication or newspaper had to be present in the design. Informed As a team, myself and another student came together to create this publication based on the specifications presented to us. We each had to locate images for the articles and the