Testimonials | June Lund Hypnotherapy
'After going through the traumatic ordeal of becoming a victim of armed robbery, I began to encounter various anxieties which impacted on both my work and home life, a lack of confidence and many sleepless nights followed, prescribed medication was not the answer for me so sought an alternative remedy. This was offered to me by June Lund in the form of hypnotherapy, I was a bit sceptical at first as always deemed myself strong willed but thought why not give it a go as I was determined to get back to normal. After learning the basic processes of the brain and how I had slipped back into a primitive way of thinking the importance of me banishing these negative thoughts soon became apparent and helped me move back into a more creative, normal way of thinking. The professional and reassuring manner of these sessions meant I was able to do this probably sooner than expected and would definitely recommend this as an alternative remedy to any phobia or cognitive problem however big or small