Happy New Year | June Lund Hypnotherapy
Happy New Year. The evenings are gradually getting lighter and spring shoots are pushing through the soil. A time to look forward. I have started a tap dancing class and love it. Perhaps you are trying something different or returning to something you enjoy. It's all too easy to feel too tired to get out and about but once you have done, you usually return feeling a lot more energised and content. Your body has benefitted but so has your brain. Positive activity gives your brain a boost and lifts your mood. You may be feeling overwhelmed with things at the moment and just getting out and doing some sort of activity will help. Our brains can get cluttered with so many negative thoughts that it feeds feelings such as anxiety, anger or depression. Just like decluttering your house can make you feel pleased with yourself and somehow more organised and calm, decluttering your brain is the same. Starting with just a shelf or a cupboard at a time makes you feel more positive. You can give