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Q: How can I open this [file type] file? When I click it it will not open. I often get calls from friends and colleagues to help them open a file that was either sent to them via email or something that is in their archives that they need to revisit. The answer is short and simple, but the first question you should ask yourself is "Should I open this file?". Back in 1999, a nurse manager walked in my office and told me she sent me a file that Dr [X] sent her and she couldn't open it. She wanted my help. Since she was a manager and very intelligent, and the Dr was also a very intelligent person and sent her emails on a daily basis, I didn't even give it a second thought. I double clicked the attached file to see the error and BAM! Fireworks! I infected the network. The worse part is that I knew better, I had read about those pesky little email viruses. I had to make that embarrassing call to the IT department. Lesson learned... Trust no one! First determine if the file is safe to