When social media is NOT your friend, on your wedding day | Joseph Testa Productions
When social media is NOT your friend You might have planned your entire wedding via social media, that's great right? But wait there is a dark side. It is a side no one wants to talk about. It's called the instant gratification. Yes with all of the technology, we get all of our information instantly. We're connected always. The Scene: You're the bride (or groom for that matter) and it is your wedding day. The wedding film crew and photographer are there with you and so is the wedding party, maybe some parents and other relatives (who also are "connected"). They are taking pictures with their camera, iPad, cell phones, etc. It's all good so far. So how is this dark? Here is a picture of a beautiful bride, She's not seen her future husband yet, and they will see each other first time as she comes down the aisle. The DARK side is someone decides to upload the pictures they are taking while the bride gets ready. The groom being super connected gets a text alert about a new picture