If you saw these 2 pictures what would that mean? Would it change? | How To Become A Marketing Master
This is the first commission payout structure that makes up Now LifeStyle, and yes... There's still another below!:) Before you take a look at the below picture.. You might just realize, that 100% is always nice;) To be honest though, it's not even my favorite thing about the program. Now LifeStyle, being a company started by our trusted friend and proven success millionaire CEO and owner Joel Therien, is set to become a larger company then Herbalife, or any of the other health and fitness programs you've heard of. Why??? It incorporates internet marketing, offline marketing, and the above, all into one amazing program. Now, here's the second payment structure, that also pays you. Except, these commissions..YES! Are residual!:) That means these are commissions payed out monthly!:) Like what you see?;) We are looking for team leaders. ONLY those who want to earn right now. Those who believe they can do it. Those who want more. If you believe