#HashtagActivism and Media Backlash | John Himpe
On Sunday, the anti-media chorus (targeting old and new platforms) sang out on Facebook and Twitter, decrying what was being called a myopic, biased world view by the mainstream media when it comes to the terror unleashed by ISIS last week. The complaint : while the attacks in Paris got the full western media breaking news treatment, a suicide bombing in a neighbourhood in Beirut along with another bombing at a funeral in Baghdad "got no coverage." First up, let's call bullshit on something. The Beirut and Baghdad stories did get coverage. No, it wasn't the rolling news, non-stop, commercial-free treatment like the Paris story had. But they were covered - had any of the suddenly-globally-conscious cared to go looking for the story. It was covered in the same way that bombings and attacks are covered every day in these places, because - let's be real - violence has (sadly) become synonymous with these locales. In the world of editorial decision making, the Paris story ticks all the