Welcome to Uber Nation | John Himpe
"Thanks for the ride," we tell Eric as we hop out of his robin egg blue Hyundai. To be clear, Eric isn't a long lost friend - we've only known him for 15 minutes and 16 seconds - the time it took to get from LA's Union Station to our friend Patrick's home in Silverlake. Eric drives for Uber, and we've just finished our first trip with the controversial car service. "Welcome to Uber Nation," Eric exclaims as we take off. I had now joined a growing citizenry participating in the ride-sharing revolution. With a tap on my phone's screen, I climbed in a stranger's car and turned a middle finger to the archaic system that is the taxi cartel. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against cabbies. They work hard for a living. I just think their employers and money hungry civic governments who hand out taxi licenses are trying to prop up a broken system designed to leave passengers waiting for expensive rides in often broken down, clunky, and unkempt cars and mini-vans. By contrast, Eric's