Nobody kicks a dead dog (2014) | John Himpe
My job isn't much different than that of a preacher. Well, aside from the content of our words (mine can be a little more risque and biting while theirs are inspirational and spiritual.) And, the gravitas of our positions. And, the robe. I can't pull off the robe. Okay, so maybe it is different. However, we go out every day, put ourselves out on stage, perform a little to get people's attention, and hope the things we say will create some sort of positive emotional impact with our audience. Maybe the biggest difference between a guy with a microphone in a radio studio and a (wo)man standing at a pulpit is that while it takes a special kind of heathen to tell a (wo)man of the cloth they stink, the various ways we've given the audience to connect with us in broadcasting makes hurling an insult as simple as whipping out a cell phone and hitting "send." I hate to give credit to the existence of trolls by writing a piece about them, but they're one of those things that any of us who work