Getting naked north of Tokyo | John Himpe
I've had some pretty awesome hot water experiences growing up over the years. As a teenager on a family trip to Banff, I discovered how amazing it was to soak up the heat in an outdoor hot tub after a day of lumbering down the mountain. There are few places I'd rather be than on a mountainside after the lifts close for the day. In my twenties, the best money I spent on a trip to Tofino, BC was the $100 for a trip out to Hot Springs Cove - an amazing natural hot spring and waterfall that was right on the ocean. Like a scene out of "Survivor" - Hot Springs Cove is a Canadian treasure on Vancouver Island. So in preparing for my Japanese adventure, when Chris and I started talking about sights to see and things to do, the topic of the Japanese hot spring - also known as an onsen - came up. No matter where you go in Japan, you'll find an onsen nearby. Hot springs are plentiful across the country (volcanos make for lots of hot water. ) Often, an onsen is part of a bigger property much