Jet Lag and Train Life | John Himpe
In a somewhat mischievous way, Chris was eager to see me encounter two things upon my arrival in Japan - jet lag and culture shock. Dude, where's my lost day? While a 15 hour time difference is staggering, great advice from Rick Steves (a man whose life I'd love to have - he makes a living traveling to Europe and telling the tales in fantastic guide books) helped me get jet lag under control : Leave home well rested... use the flight to rest and reset... on arrival, stay awake until an early local bedtime... - Rick Steves : Conquering Jet Lag Rick is right - staying up is the key to getting off on the right foot. That doesn't mean I wasn't feeling hungover on my first full day in Tokyo, but at least I didn't want to sleep while I supposed to be awake (and vice versa.) What time is it in Tokyo? Take the current time in Saskatchewan, add three hours, and flip AM to PM or PM to AM. Adjusting to being awake while North America sleeps surprisingly wasn't hard at first. The only