"A trip of a lifetime…" | John Himpe
My Dad caught me off guard the other day when we were talking about my recent 17 day stay in Japan - he called it a "trip of a lifetime." It was startling because in so many ways, travel is one of those things to me that is no different than picking up milk from the store - it's on the shelf waiting to be purchased and experienced... one just has to do it. But Dad has a point - even if I go back to Japan (and I'm planning to in the new year), it won't be the same as the first time. It never is the same. And, given the circumstances around my travel, it truly is an experience that will be hard to replicate in 10 or 15 years. Chris - fearless adventurer! At the start of November, Chris did something that I think a lot of us dream about doing. With the calendar not willing to pause, time was running out on his ability to make a dream come true - living in Tokyo. Ever since the first time we met for coffee, it was on his bucket list. "I want to have an apartment in Tokyo," he told me