VIDEO: ‘Conquest’: Swords of the Musketeers | J.M. Aucoin -- Historical Adventure Novelist
Stumbled across a History TV show called Conquest, hosted by Peter Wood. It's a half-hour show where Wood teaches a group of assistants about the weapon of the day. One of the episodes was about the weapons of the Musketeers (not to be confused with musketeers). It's broken up into three parts, so I've compiled them all into this post if you want to watch. It starts off with talking about the Hollywood take on the Musketeers. Wood has his staff do some stage combat work with epees and they do a great job. The woman and fellow at the end are flying. Anyone who's done fighting for film knows how fast you need to go for it to translate, and these two are moving so fast you can barely keep up with the moves. From there they give the same group real rapiers which provides for some comical lines like These are unwieldy and The men who would'be used this weapon must've been really strong. Listen, it's a rapier. I fight with all the time. They're not that unwieldy or heavy. Also, you're doing