Literacy for the “Now”: Digital Citizenship, Digital Footprint and Online Safety | Jill's Bold Visions
Today's post is really more of a resource guide and less of a post... Let's begin by hearing from Karen Cator, Director of the USDOE Office of Educational Technology, as she talks about the importance of educating young people about online safety. Karen Cator: Cyberbullying There are plenty of smart people who have shared their thoughts on the topic of online safety and digital citizenship. I don't need to wax poetic - let me point you to these fine examples: Footprints in A Digital Age, by Will Richardson A Digital Footprint Growth Model, by Karl Fisch Student Display Names: I Was Wrong, by Karl Fisch If you aren't Googling yourself and keeping up with your own digital footprint you SHOULD be doing it! A great way to do this is to use Google Alerts. And staying abreast of the federal legislation that governs our responsibilities as educators when it comes to online safety is important too. This document, Online Safety - A Federal Mandate resource guide, will help you keep up with