Growing In New Directions | Jill's Bold Visions
Forsyth County Schools is entering a new era in the use of classroom technologies. For many, many years we weeded out all the extras and focused our efforts on growing a standard set of hardware and software. Through this effort, our students and teachers were able to expand learning in powerful and important ways. More recently though Forsyth implemented a Bring Your Own Technology Program (BYOT). It's been the most transformational instructional program I've ever been involved in, and after 21 years in education that's saying something! New thinking is springing up, not just about the tools we allow our students to use, but about the way we provide all Instructional Technology Services. We're branching out beyond pushing a standardized set of software tools because we have seen the benefits of allowing students to choose their tools in our BYOT program. That said, there are two guiding principles for instructional technology that we want to flourish in Forsyth County Schools.