How Do I Review? - Jihyun Unni
Most blogs like mine have a review policy page. I, however, don’t feel like they way I review is structured enough to be a policy. Also, at the moment I’m not established a blogger enough to be offered review copies and things like that, so I don’t think a laid out policy is warranted. I just want the readers of my blog to have a better understanding as to where I’m coming from when I write my reviews. I do not have a five- or ten-star system here. I do that on Goodreads, IMDb, etc. I turned to blogging to escape that. I don’t really believe that the intricacies of books, films, television and music can be adequately quantified with a number of stars. So here you will find more extensive writings about my thoughts. I will relate to my experiences if applicable. Reviews reflect my personal opinions and taste. I try to be as honest as possible, and I will disclose whether I bought the items or got it from a library or streaming service, as I am aware that how much money I spent does affect the perception. I don’t have specific genres that I enjoy; if anything,