Tag Tuesday: Book Blog Newbie Tag - Jihyun Unni
unsplash-logoStink Pickle I saw this tag on Jenniely, and decided to do it as I am new to book blogging. 1. Why did you start this blog? I had other blogs on and off, never being consistent. I think that was because I was trying to write about things that I am not truly passionate about. But I knew that I wanted to keep a blog. So I asked myself, what is something I can do consistently? I spend most of my free time reading, watching Netflix, and listening to music, so that’s what I’ll blog about. 2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging? I am Korean, born and raised in Seoul. More and more books are translated and published overseas these days. For example, The Vegetarian by Han Kang won Man Booker Prize not too long ago. I can provide a Korean perspective on these books. Perhaps discuss Korean culture in relation to those books or critique the translation. That’s something I’m looking forward to do. 3.What are you most excited for about this new blog? Connecting with other bloggers, sharing my thoughts, having discussions, and getting to geek out over books together. 4.