What I Learned From Cleaning Out My Bookshelf - Jihyun Unni
unsplash-logoFranz Schekolin Yesterday I made a post called Marie Kondo, Tidying Up, and Books to discuss the controversy about her telling people to get rid of books that don’t “spark joy”. And I mentioned that I had to let go of most of my books (and clothes and everything else) because my family was moving into a smaller home. I normally don’t follow Marie Kondo’s method. Maybe it’s because I’m a cynic with clinical depression, but most of my possessions don’t “spark joy”. Nonetheless I use them, so I keep them. If I got rid of everything that didn’t “spark joy”, I wouldn’t even have clothes on my back. But when it comes to books, they are one of very few things that can still spark joy in me. Without even thinking about Marie Kondo’s method, I began to pick out books that can still invoke feelings inside me. Not only was my family moving into a slightly smaller place, I was planning to move out of my parents’ home next year. I’m a broke millennial, so my apartment won’t be spacious. Plus, the moving itself would be very difficult and pricey if I had a lot of books. I