Creepy Dudes Who Can't Take No For an Answer Are Fair Game for Mass Ridicule
Was it the justified outing of a minor celebrity cheater or a cruel and dishonest act of self-promotion? The debate over model Melissa Stetten's now infamous tweets about soap actor Brian Presley's clumsy, malapropism-laden attempt to hit on her during a cross-country fight has gone viral. In case you missed it, the 22 year-old Stetten put her inflight WiFi to devastatingly clever use the night of June 6 as she flew on a Virgin America redeye from LA to New York, livetweeting every embarrassing detail of her married seatmate's adulterous come-ons. By the weekend, People, Glamour and the Guardian had picked up the story, and Presley –- a 34 year-old father and star of the old ABC soap Port Charles — issued a blanket denial on his Facebook fan page of Stetten's account of the flight.
Hugo Schwyzer