My (Not So) Secret NatGeo Habit | Jessamyn Midori Prince
So beside the degree in filmmaking I'm about to receive, and the children's book I'm publishing in Fall 2016, I have a (not so) secret dream of working for National Geographic. -by JMP Out of all my artistic pursuits, I consider this closest to my "Hobby" There is no pressure to build a sustainable career, or brand. Maybe one day I'll be paid by researchers or non-profit organizations, but so long as I have a camera I will continue to study and "capture" this amazing planet. -by JMP Sadly, having a camera is not always assured, lol. So, the whole idea is a work in progress. But, even a working artist needs to find a hobby that relaxes them, that gives them the sense of accomplishment -- without the stress of achievement... -by JMP ...And a chance to be a little cheeky!