The Aftermath of a Bad Call | Jeff C West
The Aftermath of a Bad Call In my last post I described a difficult sales call I made very early in my career. Read All About It What would you do in that same situation? Most sales people don't have to deal with rude prospects, right? After all, isn't it the sales person who is the rude one? In many cases, it goes both ways. So why does one sales person deal with a negative call by simply moving forward and making the next call; and a different sales person deals with an identical situation by getting depressed, frustrated and quitting? In his work, The Descartes Error, Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain, neuroscientist, Dr. Antonio Damasio established the inevitable link between logic and emotions in the decision making process. Thus, using my example - whether I chose to toss the brick or to make the next call - the decision was a result of logic and emotion combining at that moment in time. Logically, I understood the mathematical equation of the sales process. I