7 Steps To Keeping Customer Romances Alive | Jeff C West
On Valentine's Day we talked about the "romance" in sales and how developing long term customer relationships is very similar to developing long term personal relationships. Today I want to give you seven steps that will keep your prospective customer relationships alive. Follow these steps and you will find that the relationships you develop will be productive and flourish for the long hall. Prospective Customer Relationships: Be Pleasant and Fun: I realize that this is a "no-brainer" to some. But it is not a "no-brainer" to all. Sometimes in sales, you can be so focused on moving the relationship forward in the sales process that you don't even notice that you "forget" to smile, be genuinely interested in your prospect as a person, and extend the common courtesies that you would to any friend. Thank You Notes: After every meeting or significant interaction, send a handwritten thank you note either on a normal thank you card, or a 3.5 X 8.5