The Final Piece | Jeff C West
We will finish up our series today on ways to improve your sales ratios. We have been using the following ratios for coaching purposes: 1.42 raw leads to 1 qualified lead 10 qualified leads contacted to schedule 1 appointment 1.16 appointment scheduled to complete 1 presentation 2 follow up contacts to close 1 sale 3 sales presentations made to close 1 sale average commission per sale = $2,000 The final two parts that we will discuss are follow up contacts and average commission per sale. I have heard a variety of statistics over the years as to when someone actually chooses to purchase a product or service. Although I can find no scientific data on the subject - I do believe the following has been pretty accurate in my sales career: According to Robert Clay, founder of Marketing Wisdom, "80% of all sales are made after the buyer has said "no" at least four times." Robert Clay also states that... 44% of sales people give up after the first "no" 22% of sales people give up after