Hizbollah in Latin America, Congress Should OK New Sanctions | The DC Dispatches | Law, Policy, and Politics
On this blog, since at least 2008 (a few posts here, here, and here), we've published several posts about Hezbollah in Latin America and the threats posed by other radical terrorist groups in Latin America. I started studying the matter while I was attending graduate school at Georgetown University in the mid-1990s. At the time, it was a very dull subject. It probably still is to most people. In between Georgetown University trying to removing crucifixes from the classrooms, and generous amounts of coffee that I used to make it through certain classes, I read a monograph or paper by Constantine Menges about threats in Latin America. Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with Hezbollah. It was mostly post-Cold War review of where the region was headed. Menges was ahead of his time and, in my book, one of the best, if not the best scholar in security-related issues when it comes to matters of the Western Hemisphere. A former Reagan administration official, he served in various