The Cuba Travel Sector is Modern Day Serfdom | The DC Dispatches | Law, Policy, and Politics
Under US law, Americans, including American corporations or foreign corporations with a US connection, are prohibited from financing transactions in Cuba involving any confiscated property the claim to which is owned by a United States national. Financing is broadly defined. Again, under the law, the President is allowed to lift that ban if, and only if, a legally defined transition government is in power and the President tells Congress as much. Take a look at this story about the Airbnb program in Cuba: "How Airbnb Piggybacked on a communist program to make Cuba its fastest growing market ever." Supporters of Obama's engagement policy thought those of us who opposed them were nuts when we, among other things, cited express legal prohibition to such activities. The prohibition on financing transactions in properties that were stolen from Americans was the primary reason, but there are many others. One of the excuses they'd use was that Airbnb only worked with independent