Time to Stem the Outbreak of Republican Foot in Mouth Disease | The DC Dispatches | Law, Policy, and Politics
If your a political junkie, then you should know by now that Congressman Todd Akin is not ready for prime time. Maybe he never was. It is time for him to do the right thing for the GOP and the state of Missouri: drop out of the Senate race. Both political parties have strains of political foot in mouth disease. For example, on this issue the Democrats have a full-time crisis management issue with Vice President Joe Biden. Biden's recent comment "putting you back in chains" remark was but his latest political insensitive remark. The GOP now has Akin making a Clayton Williams-like rape comment. The GOP needs to win Missouri or, at minimum, keep it in play. The GOP has dodged a major political bullet on two fronts. First, Akin exposed himself as a political troglodyte. No matter your views on the abortion issue, a rape is heinous crime. If your running for the U.S. Senate, you best understand that and move on. Second, and most importantly, the GOP has a viable Tea Party candidate in the