In Most Cases, CEOs Should Stick With Business | The DC Dispatches | Law, Policy, and Politics
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is an unabashed liberal. He tries to hide it and, at times, he succeeds. However every now and then he says things that he should keep to himself. Schulz recently told a reporter: "Nothing would please me more than to be able to say I'm more optimistic, but it's hard to be more optimistic when you think that $6.5 billion is going to be spent between now and November on the presidential election cycle. We've got 14 million people unemployed. Housing crisis continues. The debt-ceiling debacle is going to be with us again, and I think the country is so hungry for authentic, genuine leadership on both sides. And until we see that, I think it's hard to be optimistic. I mean, I'm optimistic about the country, I'm optimistic about the American people …" Political campaigns are like a business. They employ people, generate ad dollars in the media, and contract with countless numbers of businesses throughout America. What is Shultz proposing, public-financed