Happy Anniversary, "Trinity" | The DC Dispatches | Law, Policy, and Politics
Sixty-seven years ago today, the world entered in the atomic age. Code-named Trinity, scientists conducted the world's first ever nuclear test. It was truly a revolutionary and positive development. I doubt these patriots were thinking much about the long game back then, but they must have realized the historic feat would change things. It may not be a popular thing to say so these days, but, I am really glad these folks did this. As Einstein said about the Manhattan Project and related efforts, "The discovery of nuclear reactions need not bring about the destruction of mankind any more than the discovery of matches." We owe our country, and these scientists, a debt of gratitude for their efforts. We won. The enemy, lost. What a different time. We had a patriotic Democrat in the White House; a warrior. The post-war period was just around the corner. Economic growth boomed. Eisenhower would become President and warn about the military industrial complex. Kennedy. Americans would walk