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At noon he burneth the earth, and who can abide his burning heat? Sirach 43:3 After several days of no power, cable, internet or, in some cases, even cell phone service, it was good being from the books and paper generation. Books, pens, and paper work all the time. No electricity or bandwidth needed. At the local Starbucks yesterday I saw a young lawyer typing away on his laptop, visibly frustrated. How could tell he was a lawyer? A handful of case print outs from a commercial online legal service. He started chatting away on his cell phone (likely not AT&T), loudly, with someone that he needed to finish a legal memo but could not do so because he had no access to the internet in order to finish his research. After he hung up, I asked the young fellow, try the George Mason School of Law library? For just about a millisecond, I noted the expression on his face. The man thought I was from the Dark Ages. He was going to say something dumb. I could tell, but as soon as he scanned my