DIY Hair Gel | Jasika Nicole
I have been really getting into instagram stories lately for some weird reason. It's weird to me because I still don't "get" IG stories. Maybe it's because I'm in my late thirties and I'm just now about to enter that period of an adult's life where your comprehension and appreciation for technology starts to wane, but I just never understood the point of them. The allotted space you have to make a video is super short, so by the time I press the start button on my phone and begin recording with my requisite greeting, giggle, and a couple of "ummms" thrown in to get my juices flowing, I only have 5 seconds left to actually communicate what I wanted to share in the first place! Inevitably I end up having to produce, direct and star in these 7.89 seconds of video, recording take after take and rehearsing what I am going to say so that I am concise and don't end up taking 9 instagram stories to say two sentences. On top of that, the stories disappear after 24 hours, so all your hard work