The ABS-CBN newscasting contest experience and 100 Facebook likes! | JANPATRIK.COM
Yoowww! It's been long (really really long at that! ) since the last time I updated this blog. Forgive me, I was just too busy these past few weeks. Since I don't have even a single post for the month of January, I will be posting a few late articles today and in the coming days just so you guys would know what I've been doing these past few weeks. I understand that the two subjects in my title are too vague to be connected with each other, but lemme explain later. Anyway, aside from being a writer, it has always been a dream of mine to become a broadcaster or even just a field reporter. Ever since ABS-CBN started its annual Inter-school newscasting competition, I've always imagined it being my stepping stone to achieving my dream, much to my dismay, I always end up uninformed about the details of the competition. But last year was different. At last, I signed the audition sheet and gave a heads-up to the Humanities Representative Nadia Shami and tried my luck. I entered the