Week 5 of the #LJFitChallenge - Jamie King Fit
This week, my plan was to recover from my 90 mile run for the #LJFitChallenge. This week I am proud of myself for nourishing myself and letting my body recover. I stumbled a little with eating…definitely more junk food than I had wanted (oh, moving) so next week I plan to get my butt back in the kitchen (finally!). Next week, my goal is to get back on an exercise routine now that my race is over and eat more healthy. And I’ll get there because I am determined…and excited for my new life chapter in Portland. My inspiration this week comes from: My good friend Tasha. She’s not only an amazing friend and hostess who has graciously welcomed me, my family and my new puppy into her home…but she’s also an amazing cook… And I tag my long time workout partner….Carrie…we’ve had an amazing 6 years working out together and I can’t believe that’s coming to an end….can’t wait to see you in Portland! Stay sweaty friends! XOXO, Jamie Join me for the #LJFitChallenge! 12 weeks of workouts, nutrition, motivation and FUN! Attach a fun image, collage, or graphic that represents your week. And share, share, and share some MORE! Related