Construction update: New driveway readied | Irvine United Congregational Church
If you drive by IUCC on any weekday, you will witness what a busy construction site it is, with lots of progress being made. Make your plans now to join us for the dedication of this wonderful new space on Sept. 9! Our main entry will re-open in mid-July and more parking spaces closer to the Sanctuary becoming available. Work began this week to widen the driveway and add a right turn lane. We received a bunch of approvals from the City of Irvine so stucco work can begin around June 18 and interior drywall installation can begin around June 25. The new HVAC system will be installed on the roof next week via crane (but we can’t start using it until late July). Unfortunately, because it took longer than planned to get City of Irvine approval for our shear walls, we’ve had to push out the target date for occupancy. It is now Aug. 17, with the church office move scheduled for Aug. 20. We believe this timeline is both realistic and achievable – because we’ve now gotten a lot of the approvals that tend to cause project delays. We encourage all who are able, to utilize our temporary off-site parking at Lakeside Center (map). It is our hope that enough able-bodied people will choose this parking option leaving our campus parking spaces open for those not physically able to take the 10-minute walk. Take the GREENfaith challenge, and walk, bike or carpool to church! The construction zone is now fenced off and accessible only to contractors. An 8-foot wide pathway will be used for sanctuary entry/exit. We’ll be encouraging the use of the side entrance into the sanctuary, especially as the preferred ADA pathway. For the first few Sundays, we’ll have our Deacons on hand to assist with parking questions and pedestrian routes. Please allow yourself a little extra time on Sunday. Join us every Sunday and watch us grow!