Fact or Fiction: Svend Sipper - It Started In LA
I’m retiring my Fact or Fiction section, not because it’s not full of interesting material but because hardly anyone is voting. Buzzfeed this aint! So, here is the answer to the last Fact or Fiction post. The Svend Sipper is named after its long-serving Pool Manager. The answer is Fact. Svend is somewhat of an institution at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “Svend Petersen, the Danish-American pool manager at the hotel for forty-two years, became a Hotel Ambassador in 2002. He had notably opened up the pool after hours for The Beatles and taught Faye Dunaway to swim a freestyle crawl for Mommie Dearest. He was also known for warning Southern California newcomers in drastic and memorable language about the scorching sun.” As my treat to you you can create one of my favourite drinks at home as I have the recipe. Thanks so much Beverly Hills Hotel for sharing! Svend’s Sipper 2 oz Ultimat Vodka 10 halfmoon cucumbers 2 oz coconut water 1 oz simple syrup Top with club soda You’re welcome. Cheers! xx It Started in LA xx Related