Anthony Marshall is… Legendary | It Needs To Be CED
Originally published on The Industry Cosign February 18, 2015 The title Legendary is SO overused and misappropriated these days and it's a shame that everyone misuses the term so much. If I had a dollar for every writer, blogger, person to use that name in the wrong context, I could stage my own multi-million dollar lottery. Well, I understand the word well and with this new section I am initiating on the site, no one who doesn't deserve to have that adjective anywhere near their name will be covered. Now, I don't expect a lot of the younger people to know the name Anthony Marshall, but, if you are an aspiring lyricist and/or entrepreneur, then this article will introduce you to someone you should not only look up to, but, you should also thank him and his partner, Danny Castro, for being a part of the evolution of The Business of Hip-Hop. As you are about to learn, when I say Anthony Marshall is Legendary, I mean it in every sense of the word and you are about to see why……… Related